The SEO for Dentists offers these benefits:

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Win patients

86% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses from which they buy in person, a WebVisible/Nielsen study found. SEO makes you visible, credible & presold to them.

web traffic

Increase traffic

Increase traffic by raising ranking in search results: 42% of clicks go to the #1 rank, 12% to #2, 9% to #3, roughly. Only 26% of clicks go to search results not in top 5.

Local SEO

Neutralize competitors

If competing dentists do SEO, diagnose it and neutralize them: Replicate their SEO strengths, beat their SEO weaknesses, and occupy their SEO absences.


Build trust

Trust is essential in dentistry, and SEO helps you build it. SEO builds high rankings, clear communication with Google, rich & unique web content, and value to the community.


Improve traffic

Improve traffic by ranking for quality keywords, those that are profitable (“root canals” and “dental implants”) or patient-attractive (“dentist in city” and “dental cleaning”).

bull's eye

Customize & track

Get a SEO strategy customized to your goals and dental website. Implement it at a pace within your budget, and track its effectiveness with our metrics.

money bag

Pre sell treatments

Our SEO adds web content that visitors value & trust, which reflects on you, opening them to your treatment plans. Thus SEO pre-sells to an increasing number of web visitors.


Save on traffic

Statistically, SEO visitors cost 17 times less than AdWords visitors. Why? AdWords traffic stops when you cancel (renter), but traffic continues long after you cancel (owner).

immortal gain

Immortalize gains

You invest in workers who leave, ads that pass, equipment that ages. Then invest in the website, which preserves investment gains, working 24/365 forever!

Dental SEO Services

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