Email marketing

Leverage your list of patients to email them practice-customized reminders and specials. Find out about opt ins and outs & tracking effectiveness.

Activate email marketing to support your dentistry, to capture the following advantages:


customer magnetEmail marketing connects you to dental patients at your initiative, not theirs. Here is why it is effective in promoting dental treatments, appointments, and loyalty.

    • Promotes appointments

Apart from appointment reminders, emails do promote appointments indirectly. Whether the subject is dental prevention, specials or whatever, they remind the patient that you exist, that regular visits are important, and that they have not followed up on past reminders. This renewed awareness makes them more likely to make an appointment.

There is another subtle way in which email marketing promotes appointments. If the messages promote more visits to the website, e.g. via a link to a funny story or dental tips, this is something that Google records and rewards by routing extra web surfers to the website from outside the email campaigns. These extra prospects convert into extra appointments too!

    • Promotes treatments

Email marketing can educate patients of risks and problems, symptoms, dental options and their pros and cons. This education solves two major obstacles to people accepting dental treatments. One, people often are unaware of a dental treatment and how it solves their problems; by promoting awareness, educational emails promote treatments. Two, people often lack enough trust in and appreciation for their dentist; educational emails fill this deficit.

    • Promotes loyalty

When somebody thinks of you, cares for your health, educates you on prevention, and offers valuable solutions, your loyalty rises. Be that somebody for your patients and keep them yours.


segmentation marketingYou can increase the relevance, value, and success of your email campaigns, by shaping specific messages to specific segments of your email list. This segmentation is possible, thanks to your trove of patient data: age, gender, marital status, zip code and dental expenditures.

Thus one message goes to single females touting how teeth whitening can assist dating, another to single men touting how teeth whitening can boost career, another to family heads touting how dental cleanings prevent future dental expenses, and so on.

Segmentation leverages an advantage over your dentist competitors: information about your own patients. It empowers you to send relevant messages to your opted-in patients.


call to action buttonsMost responses to an email campaign occur fast, within a few days. You can then read the response report. How many read and for how long, how many downloaded? The insights let you plan and optimize the next email campaign, all in a quick cycle.

The key is to present the patients with a clickable “call-to-action” button, such as “claim your electric toothbrush” or “print dental tips.” Free software will then track and analyze the responses in a fast cycle.


Email marketing is far less expensive than direct mail/postcards, which cost to design, print and mail. Your spend only on composing the messages and analyzing the responses.


mailchimpMailChimp is virtually free software that supports email marketing. It lets you use your customized html email template, import demographics & segment, avoid spam boxes, track & analyze responses, and manage subscriptions.

All is automatic, save for composing messages, which you can delegate to the manager or a specialist. The SEO for Dentists can run a multi-month campaign, conceiving the topics and partnering with a pre-screened quality writer.